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Sunday School

We are God's people and God's people live by faith. Christian Education initiates and nurtures God's people in their life of faith. We have a vibrant and growing Sunday School. Our kids are enthusiastic and eager to learn the word of God. Our teachers are energized with the Holy Spirit and have set high standards for the kids. I remember my Sunday School days in India. The stories and lessons I learnt have made me a better person. I would like each of our Sunday School students to take this oath and try to live up to it.

I will serve the Lord
I will obey and honor my parents
I will not lie or cheat
I will pray each morning and at night before going to sleep
I will come to Sunday school Regularly


Regular classes will be conducted on every Sunday after Church Service for all classes by the respective teachers.

For details Pls. Contact:

Mrs. Beena Sam

Mob: 050 693 8620

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